Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Brown Lace Cover Up

  I sat down on #Christmas day, after #Church service, and proceeded to pen down some resolutions. I tried, then I stared at myself in my new mirror, reminding myself that it still needed framing. Then, I tried again and I realized that the most important area
 of my being, the emotional, pretty much got itself cleaned out last year. So, I have nothing there to resolve any more. Then I realized that I needed to make some resolution for the blog. Now, it might seem like I'm pretty consistent and hence invested in My Small World, but truthfully, I haven't put myself into this small space I've carved out in the blogosphere. So, hopefully, this year things might be different. I don't know how yet, but there won't be cover up stories to tell the kids about why I didn't try harder. Speaking of cover-ups, I'm loving them way more than I'm loving jackets this New Year. Cover-ups come in various materials from chiffon to silk and lace and prints can run from preppy to wild. I have on an embroidered lace cover up. It's rich, it's glam and it's perfect for everyday as well as for outings, what's not to love?
Hello 2016!

Tamaris shoes / Topshop bag / Korean brand cover-up / unknown brand jeans


  1. Very stylish indeed, what's not to love? Good luck in 2016 putting it all together with the blog. It appears that you are off to a wonderful start Inez.

  2. Love the cardigan! I can't wait to see where your blog goes this year! Best of luck to you!


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