Beauty: Lipstick Mixing and Blending

How do you get your lipstick from the bottom of the tube?
 I use a thin stick or spatula to scoop it out and into an empty palette. I've used this black palette from Victoria's Secret countless times. First, for eye shadow shades I adored, then, lip balms that were too bulky to carry in their original containers and now for
mixing lipsticks!

Mixing lipsticks is my newest enjoyable thing to do. I absolutely appreciate the double advantage of scooping almost finished tubes into the palette. It means I really use up every kobo each tube cost and when I mix colors or shades of a color it's a whole new lipstick shade to paint on with a brush and preen myself on. Also, I could improve a lipstick formulation that I've found a bit tricky to wear simply by mixing it with another lipstick shade similar to it but of a different formula. 
For instance, a matte purple and a creamy purple like I've done in the photos. 
What's not to double love?


  1. I would have liked to see the lip colour on you, against your complexion.

    1. Hi, Cindy. I've included at photo of that. :-)


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