Thursday, November 5, 2015

Neon and Stripes

I had a number of changes in my life this year and initially I grabbed on just for a while longer and then I let go. I've always embraced change and I'm not prone to holding on to feelings except that one feeling that we all carry for a long while; that feeling that originated from our childhood. This year I died to that life. It took a lot of eye-opening moments that tumbled into each other; a lot of loose talking on my part; a lot of leaning on a certain someone; a lot of needing a safe space, but I'm glad I've left that part of me and all the factors that made up that part of me in the darkness where they belong. 
In darkness as black as my pants; no, not even with white stripes or pops of neon brightness. 
Just thick black. 
This is an old photo btw ;-)


  1. Its a cool casual look for the outdoors.

  2. This is so cute! I love the pops of neon. <3 Great glasses!

    - Anna

  3. Three cheers to change. I love the black, white and bit of neon yellow!

  4. Lovely look! The neon belt is a perfect touch!
    xo, Jane


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