Thursday, October 15, 2015

Horse Print Ankara Skirt

Well, are we not all #vain? Don't we all care to an extent what the #people we know might think of us if we should choose a certain path. Wouldn't it be interesting if I should, say, show my belly button on the blog after all these years of 'decent' dressing. ;-)
If I did though I'd take pride in having a decent belly button as I take pride in having self-made this horse print Ankara Skirt.
Did I mention I've begun taking sewing lessons? 
Merona  flats / Emini House  bag / self-made skirt / unknown brand shirt 

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  1. This print seems to be quite popular and I love it so! Beautiful skirt Chineze. And to have made it yourself. Good job and congrats on taking the classes.


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