Thursday, October 29, 2015

Check Crop Shirt

I guess I'm telling two lies in these photos; having cropped the #photos and the shirt. This River Island check shirt wasn't a crop #shirt originally. I took a pair of scissors to it and had a heartbreaking moment when I thought I had cut out too much. 
Merona flats / River Island shirt (reconstructed) / Emini House shirt / 


  1. When cutting Inez always remember "the 10 inch rule". It is the perfect way to guard your heart ;-)

  2. It looks perfect actually. Not over cropped, just right. Looks great on you.

  3. Inez, there is an even more solid rule which could keep you out of trouble. That is, "measure twice, cut once". None the less, the 10 inch rule should not be disregarded. Remember me the next time you pick up a scissor ;-)


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