Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Trick to Enjoying Life

I used to put off wearing some clothes because I was waiting for the perfect pair of shoes, or accessory to complete the look. But, if funds didn't keep me back, wardrobe space did and so I decided that I was going to enjoy my wardrobe as it is and combine items as I have them while I continued to upgrade.
I wanted a pair of mules for this look because that would be grand, but this simple basic black #Oxfords are equally wonderful.
 The pearl accessories elevate this look of plaid and gingham giving it a gentle integrity that appeals to my feminine side.

 Denim Co shirt / Atmosphere Oxfords / random shop bought skirt 


  1. I do not have the patience to wait to wear a look that I want to wear so good for you on that! But this look is worth the wait--it is so cute with the oxfords and prints mixed together!

  2. Perfect pattern mix! Love this look!
    xo, Jane


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