No Perfection

When someone calls you #perfect they put you on a high pedestal. You might find yourself struggle to maintain the image that has been projected onto you. You compete with yourself to reach their assumed standard of perfection, but who are they to stress you up like that? Who are they to give you measures of perfection in your own life? Perfection is relative. What is perfect for me might not be perfect for you. 
When someone calls me perfect I go out of my normal to blot the image because I am not perfect and I do not strive to be, so that perception needs correction. 
When I got this skirt back from the tailor I thought it was perfect, but on really close inspection I observed some irks. Nothing I can't live with.
I also thought it was the perfect cut and color to pair with this velvet top I've had unworn since forever. 

Michael Kors shoes /  Random shop top / Fervor Montreal Divine Eye necklace ( gifted)/ tailor-made skirt /

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