Life is Short of a Miracle

I believe in #miracles
Where you from, you sexy thing?
OK. This quotes reminded me of that Hot Chocolate song.
But, truly the world is largely filled with still unexplainable things that do seem miraculous. 
I always think there's a divine eye watching it all.
No, not the kind of divine eye I have resting on my chest. An ethereal kind. The kind we've been told lives somewhere in this big blue universe. OK, is the universe blue? is it just the skies or maybe the blue on my shirt is getting me confused. 
MAC twig lipstick / Divine Eye by Fervor Montreal ( gifted )

random shop bought skirt / Ralph Lauren shirt / Nine West shoes /
  Divine Eye by Fervor Montreal necklace (gifted) 


  1. Love that necklace, too gorgeous. And yes, there are too many strange things in the world for you not to believe in miracles.xx

  2. I believe girly,that's a nice retro look.


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