Tuesday, July 28, 2015

How Do You Feel When Nursing a Crushed Ego

I watched the 1982 movie Wind Rider this past weekend and the scene where Jade (Nicole Kidman) and PC (Tom Burlinson) argued after he lost a surfing competition to Coyote Philips and was #nursing a crushed ego reminded me that my actions and the way I let my feelings go depend entirely on me and nobody else, no matter what they did or didn't do.
What I choose to wear and how I choose to present my style to the world depends entirely on me. I have almost always chosen to wear this gingham skirt with a contrasting print instead of a blank canvas like I'm told to do every time.
I mean, where's the sense of adventure and creativity with a plain white shirt? That's playing too safe. I don't play safe with my style, but you already know that. ;-) 

Savvy lipstick + Jordana lipliner in Toast.
Comfort Plus by Predictions shoes / random shop bought skirt / 


  1. Really lovely look, and great photos.

  2. Very cute skirt!



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