Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Black bows on orange sleeves

When we choose friends we might be tempted to look into the lives of our potential #friends with the mind to compare, perhaps if instead, we looked to see the choices they had made and why they made those choices in the end we would choose better quality friends and disengage from those that are irrelevant.
I am careful when making final decisions in choosing a friend same way I do when choosing a clothing item. I chose this orange shirt for three reasons: the colour du jour; orange, the cute bow details on the sleeves, and the length which is perfect for A-line skirts and pants.

Steve by Steve Madden shoes / HM pants / random shop bought shirt 


  1. The bows on this sweater are too cute!

  2. I'm just happy I have someone to drink my beer with! But when it comes to serious friendships, I still don't have any. I used to, but it went downhill and made me so so sad!
    This top is something I'd expect the Queen to wear, sooo beautiful and always so classy you are ^_^


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