Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Beauty: My Favorite Pink Lipsticks

#Lipstick is one of my very favorite things.
Even though I don't play favorite with things I do have a soft spot for lipsticks.
Here are the pink lipsticks I've been loving lately.
From Left to Right:  Me Now M.N Generation-II Long Lasting Lipgloss 25, MAC Satin Pink Nouveau A63, Tom Ford Lip Color Shine 04 Ravenous, Bobbi Brown Pale Pink 21, Chanel Rouge CoCo 448 Elise, Estee Lauder Pure Color 188 Rubellite, Me Now M.N Generation-II Long Lasting Lipgloss 01

Chanel Rouge CoCo 448 Elise: This glides on easily and makes my lip feel super soft. They look like well pigmented lipbalm and give my lips that innocent just kissed look.

Chanel Rouge CoCo 448 Elise on dark skin
 Tom Ford Lip Color Shine 04 Ravenous: I get complimented a lot when I have this on. This raspberry pink lip color is very moisturising. Even though it is sheer it also has very good pigmentation. 
Tom Ford Lip Color Shine 04 Ravenous on dark skin
Bobbi Brown Pale Pink 21: This appears beigey-pink on me which is different from my other pink lippies and well appreciated. This actually looks close to nude in the tube and brings to mind my Clinique Bamboo Pink. I've had this for about 2 years now. How long before I can't use a lipstick? 
Bobbi Brown Pale Pink 21 on dark skin
Estee Lauder Pure Color 188 Rubellite: This is a very lovely dark pink lipstick that leaves a stain on my lips after it sort of wears off. It has shimmer in a good way and I hate shimmer on my lips so when I say this shimmer is good, it is good. 
Estee Lauder Pure Color 188 Rubellite on dark skin
MAC Satin Pink Nouveau A63: This is a satin finish lipstick. I prefer MAC Matte, Retro matte and Satin finishes because I find they are easier to apply and last longer on the lips. This lipstick is very pigmented, opaque and subtly loud. It's a bit drying and settles into fine lines. It only works well with properly exfoliated lips. 
MAC Satin Pink Nouveau A63 on dark skin
I'm a lipstick woman. I don't care much for lip glosses that's why I'm excited to share these matte lip glosses that are so beyond fabulous with you. 
These apply like liquid silk and dry up, pretty fast, to a matte finish. I found the speed of drying allows little time for repairs, but the staying power is super fantastic. All day, I tell you. Plus, they are transfer and water-proof if you wear them neat. I also observed that at the end of the day my lips require moisturising. Getting them off at night simply requires that I apply some oil to my lips and then swipe everything off. 
For more detailed review of these fabulous glosses, see Nadine's Review
Me Now M.N Generation-II Long lasting Lip gloss in 01 on dark skin

Me Now M.N Generation-II Long lasting Lip gloss in 25 on dark skin

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  1. Pink lipstick suits you well. I don't really use pink, I always look like a clown.xx


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