Orange Cord Lace and Signature Style

It was after a colleague teased me about this tan purse that I realised I have found my signature style. 
Your signature style could be a scent, a certain pattern; like vertical stripes or chevron, a piece of jewelry or as is my case, a tan purse. Something with which you are identified. I've carried this purse since I got it a little over a year ago. I only put it down if I'm going somewhere special.
Here, I wore it with my well-beaten slides to dress down this colourful cord lace top tailored just as I illustrated and perfect for a visit to the salon for a wash.
Do you have a signature style?


  1. *You are too smooth. I get your point.*

    Why does it matter what others think about us? It matters because it influences the way we feel about ourselves. Personal style should not be based on "to hell with what they think". It should be based on what you want them to think.


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