Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Have you had someone who smiles gaily at you, waves and greets even before you see them every time and then the moment they perceive a slight towards them they act in ways that threaten your existence?
Have you had a piece of clothing that fits right with fabric that feels and looks so good, but the moment you put it in storage it disintegrates?
When I got this fabric from the market I thought the gold glitters would wash off after a couple of washes, but they're still holding up and I love that. 
Pairing this skirt with my old faithful leopard shirt is like a mix of cultures; oriental and western. 
I love that they seem to be on good terms in this eccentric look.


  1. A very clever combination. I like how your shoes match the blouse. The magenta shade of the skirt pops. And the print on the skirt agrees with the shoes, and the leopard print top again. Even your accessories fit in properly. I love how you dressed for this pic - very lovely. Ty for sharing.

  2. Beautiful outfit!! Love that skirt.


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