Grateful for Neutrals

I was grateful when the sales person knocked back the price for these shoes because he couldn't produce enough change for me. He could have easily refused to sell and wait for someone else.
 I love that they are nude wedges, which I can wear to work and other places.
 It's a neutral palette today.

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  1. Pretty

    Thanks for the help on my pictures. Really appreciate

  2. Hooray for nude flats! I just got some a few months back and I love them! They go with everything!

  3. Great combination with this outfit and you look beautiful. :)

  4. U look so sophisticated!! Love the print of the shirt!! Xoxo

  5. Hello Inez! Thanks for visiting DressUp,NotDown! I'm having such fun browsing around your blog. This is what I love about blogging, connecting to ladies with great style all around the world! And I must say you have the most beautiful lips I've ever seen!!!



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