Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Guess Who's Back?

 I could tell you that I've been away because I've been travelling the world discovering new cultures and trying out various dishes. Or maybe that I've been swept away by love and romance I haven't got time for my blog or even something like I won the lottery and considered not returning to blogging because now I live a poshly fabulous life it'd be a sin to share it. Or something more beautiful like I got a really expensive camera so I've been trying to revamp the blog.
Truth is I got a fever, fell into a gutter and scraped my right shin, then when I recovered a couple local travel took me to  places without so much internet connection which I documented on my Instagram. So, now I'm back. Same ole Inez, but wearing a new outfit. Remember my first Oleku here? I'm wearing another Oleku outfit. How do you like?
Custom-made Oleku  / Bean+Ashe shoes / 


  1. Haha, no need for glamorous lies, life is so much more than the luxurious, I often find people with perfect lives boring.
    And omg, you fell into a gutter! See? Real life is more interesting! :D Hope you are fine and dandy now!
    I am loving this dress with the glasses, you are gorgeous!

  2. OMG! I'm so sorry for the fever and hurt. I'm sure you are fully recovered.
    Good to have you back and I love the Chevron-Look Oleku

  3. Well I am really glad to see you back and in good health! This dress is absolutely gorgeous and I love your turban also!


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