A Striped Army

I have been hurt very many times and I believe, so have you. Maybe, you more than I or I more than you, but who cares, It's not a badge of honour so why carry it about?
Letting go is hard, is it not? Sometimes we hold on because we are afraid of being hurt again in the same way. We hold on so that we don't forget to guard ourselves, but it affects us negatively.
The hurt has already left us striped like this Marks and Spencer tank I have on, but what we really need to remember are the lessons and not the pain. The lessons will teach us and guide us; the pain will only hurt us more.
Found a blog post that makes it easy to take the lessons and let it go. 
I've learned that heels are great and sexy, but slides are the perfect footwear for an afternoon run.

M+S Per Una tank / HM jeans / random slides / 


  1. Wow love d way u styled that strips top...
    Yeahhh been hurt more than i can remember now...



  2. Oh yes, been hurt many times, but as you said, the hell with it. Life is a school yard, all we can do is learn to live the fullest and to remove the negatives! ^_^ You are looking lovely as always, the preppy top looks awesome with the vest!

  3. Love your cute outfit - those gold slides are top!
    Thank you for popping by my little blog & your nice comment

  4. Love this casual chic look with a classic stripe tank and vest! And indeed all of us have been hurt before so it's important to learn to let go and avoid negativity!



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