Wednesday, February 4, 2015


grey skirt
You are so used to your features you don't know how beautiful you look to a stranger----unknown
Ivy Club skirt
I guess that is why some people are addicted to shopping for clothes, for women or for love. Every time we encounter something new, something beautiful; for the first time, we become entranced. We want it; we have to have it and when we do, we are thrilled for a while, then it wears off and we are left with a residual feeling and faint awareness that it was/is loved.
I am aware that there was a time about five, six years ago when I was ecstatic about this  pleated grey skirt, but now every time I wear it it's a stranger's comment about its beauty this reminds me I made a good choice buying it. I guess that's why complimenting people is one of the best ways to show kindness. 
Ivy Club skirt / Vicini for Centro shoes / unknown brand shirt


  1. love your shoes!!
    u look great

  2. nice pleated skirt
    check out my new post
    thank you

  3. Beautiful outfit, your right you do forget how beautiful pieces are when you've had them a long time

  4. gray and blue is such a great combo! Thanks for stopping by!


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