Thursday, February 5, 2015

Ankara Crowns

Vlisco Ankara Skirt
Some people create their own storms, then get upset when it rains-------Unknown
Hollandais Ankara Skirt
Co-worker makes a gagging sound and throws in some attitudinal body language directed at the ice-licking colleague opposite her. Aware she's being ignored she finally voiced out: " I dislike when you suck on ice"
" Does it affect your ears?"
" No, It's just that....."
" Does it affect your nose?"
" It's ice I can't smell it. Just...."
" Does it affect your eyes?"
Now sensing the curt undertone of the question co-worker gets defensive. " Yes. Yes, it does"
" Then pluck your eyes out, my dear, just like the bible says" At this point I burst into a frenzy of giggles. Of course, co-worker bristled and left for a bit.
I was visiting a friend at her workplace when I overheard this conversation. Telling someone to eat elsewhere rather than at their desk because the smell of their food is upsetting is different from telling them what and what not you'd like for them to eat. 
Co-worker didn't leave for lunch because it was raining, she sat at her desk and worked her annoyance. It was the first rain of the year and I was excited about the smell of rain after a long dry period. I heard she was miffed for about a day after and I wondered about it. I wondered about what she'd expected. I mean, one should find it easy to accept what one is dishing out, no? If you put a crown on someone and lift them up you'd expect and accept the universe crowning you too.
Pairing this Ankara skirt with red is such an elevation, no?
unknown brand top / Vlisco fabric for skirt / Prabal Gurung x Target shoes 


  1. Love this look, I want an ankara skirt now lol thanks for the motivation :D

  2. Oh my! What a conversation to witness! I would have giggled also. I love your skirt!

  3. What a conversation!! Wow!! You look very pretty. Lovely fabric! :) missymayification.blogspot.

  4. Great skirt!

  5. La falda es preciosa!!! Te sigo por GFC

    Besos guapa, Emi

  6. The quotation is soooooooo true! People make their own problems from scratch, then get upset over practically nothing! I love your writings, you really should considering writing some more, I just enjoy your posts so much ^_^
    The hair looks super rad here, gorgeous ensemble! ^^

  7. It's easier to lash it out at others than digesting what should and should not be said. The way of communication is so important and many of us neglect to look into it sometimes, which includes me as well.
    I really like your skirt. It's pretty =)

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