Tuesday, February 10, 2015

If It Doesn't Make You Feel Fabulous

If It Doesn't Make You Feel Fabulous: Don't Do It, Don't Buy It, Don't Keep It. ---- Unknown
If it doesn't make you feel fabulous
That's one of my New Year Resolutions about spending money. I find that occasionally I end up with an item that makes me wonder why in hell I'd have gotten that. And upon reflection, I realize that I must have been hungry when I was out shopping. One of the best fashion magazine advice I've read is to not go grocery shopping when You're hungry. I try to apply this to almost everything I do because I do crazy things when I'm hungry; like blank stares, total acquiescence, getting unnecessarily irritated amongst many others. I make my own meals and rarely eat out. So, I was out looking to get something else and was already hoping to get home soon to a sumptuous meal of eba and ogbono soup when I spotted this lace jacket. The sales woman was saying "Do you want to get anything else as I don't have change?"
Now, hunger doesn't make me feel fabulous, but this lace jacket I got because hunger prevented me from waiting for change does make me feel fabulous and every time I wear it I'm glad I got it. 
Sales people seem to be very good at not having change ready when you need to be out of there. Hmm.
Red dress for Valentine
Prabal Gurung x Target shoes / unknown brand lace jacket / 

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  1. Hahaha, I know that feeling! When I'm hungry all hell breaks loose, I transform into this ball of irritation and anger :D Adore the lace jacket, it's so bohemian, right on track with this year's trends ^_^


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