How Long Before We Lose the Moon

                  One day you'll realize you lost the moon by counting the stars. ---- Unknown
I've got a bazillion stars on my dress! Ok, they're not really stars, but they do share a quality with the stars in the sky in being un-countable, well, for my aging fingers. There are many materialistic things we want and with the media introducing us to new and interesting things every nanosecond sometimes we get so busy trying to acquire these things and counting how many of the people we know have acquired them that we push away the very things that matter most: precious, undivided attention to love and family. 
Will you be counting the stars on my dress or noticing my new pair of nerdy glasses?
Zara Basic dress / local market slides / unknown brand glasses


  1. Inez.. I love your gown. I know it'd fit me perfectly.

  2. You look so pretty in your glasses!

  3. Noticed the nerdy glasses first! :D Haha, I love them, you're so cute! As Fight Club has taught us, you don't own things, things own you!


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