Thursday, February 12, 2015

Budgeting help

Budgeting her feelings was every bit as important as budgeting her accounts.
---Nora Roberts, Risky Business
Budgeting tips 101
Some people make it so easy to fall in love and stay in love with them because they are self-aware enough to come at you from a good place in their heart. With some other people you find yourself budgeting your feelings towards them because you don't feel safe with them and you're afraid to get sucked in, used and abused. So, you hold back the fire in you; you don't care too much, you don't give too much, you don't take too much. Your heart's not passionately red with them; not as red as my red dress. You'll know them this Valentine. They'll be the ones who wouldn't find the time for you, nor the time to make it a special day.
And then, there'll be that sweetest one who'd make all the time in the world just to make that one day as special as you wish it to be.
Wish you all a lovely Valentine's Day in two days!

Budgeting Emotions
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  1. Very pretty. Thanks so much for your visit and comment. xoxo

  2. Love the bold color of your dress!
    and happy valentine's!

  3. I've always been the type of person to spread my feelings high and wide and this resulted in getting hurt almost every time :-D Budgeting never even came across to me, even for people who I knew would be asses :-D
    Adore this red gorgeous piece of art you are wearing, sublime! ^_^

  4. Looks great, love it! xx

  5. Beautiful red dress!
    xo, Jane

  6. Step in the name of love - Hello, lady in red :)


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