"I will keep moving forward, forever forward, towards an endless dream, and a thousand pumpkin lights." ------President George Bush
We all have dreams of where we want to be; what we want to achieve and these dreams keep us going. When a dream comes true another dream takes its place and on and on.
Hopefully, we reach the thousand pumpkin lights Mr Bush envisioned; whatever that is.
Pumpkin outburst is more what my shirt suggests. Paired it with mint pants because mint is the pastel colour du jour and tan flats.

Pumpkin for Halloween

Mint jeans
Audrey Brooke flats / House of Denim jeans / 


  1. Simple, yet fun! As long as we keep pushing through, I believe we all will achieve 'that' dream.

    Nice blog layout :)

  2. Blech! George Bush! (sorry) But I do LOVE the colors in your outfit! Great blouse Inez!

  3. cool outfit

  4. I love your posts and the things you write before your outfits, it gives an insight into your world and the idea behind the look ^_^ Love this pumpkin tee!


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