Birthday::: Diamond-accent Earrings

It's my birthday!
Yep, I'm a last day of the year woman. Bet you didn't know this. 
Got my birthstones today and I absolutely adore them. 
The blue topaz in the middle stole my heart, I'm already putting on the black and white diamond accent ruby on the left and I can't stop admiring the simplicity of the garnet earrings on the right. 
Hope you're getting ready to count down to the New Year. 
Wish you the best. 

Diamond earrings for birthday gift


  1. Aw Happy birthday Inez! And a Happy New Year to you also!

  2. Happy birtdayyyyyyyyy!

  3. The earrings are very pretty. I hope you had a great birthday!

  4. Happy bday

  5. Aww.. Hbd in areas doll


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