Restyling a Bridesmaid's Dress

Having been a bridesmaid twice and being completely unable to restyle both dresses I know what a downer that can be, so when I was invited to join in the November Challenge to restyle a bridesmaid dress at Weddington Way I was glad and I had fun with it. 

For the traditional bridesmaid look I chose a subtle colour blocking of traditional Fall colours to give it a Christmas-y feel.
Weddingtonway bridesmaids dress

Then I dressed it down for a casual day with a denim jacket. I couldn't decide between print mixing polka dots and leopard and a simple glitter of sequins with leopard. 

I did a few more styling, told you I had fun with it ;-) and put in some mysteriousness with metallics, black jewellery and lace-up boots

A patterned cape, because it's chilly in most parts of the world now, and a fringe bag for the free-spirited.

Lastly, I styled my inner glamazon with the embellishments she craves; pulling the outfit together with a bad-ass leather jacket. 


  1. Oh, the cape one is awesome! I love dressing down fancy dresses, I think girls should wear more fancy dresses, it makes me feel so alive! :D

  2. Gosh these are all great looks. I can envision wearing any one of those outfits. Also, that is one great bridesmaid dress. You can wear that everywhere! That emerald green color is so pretty!

  3. hahhaha are you kidding me, i have something similar on my blog. Great mix


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