Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Experience of Life

“Experience is one thing you can't get for nothing.”
― Oscar Wilde
I overhead someone ask someone else in a judgemental tone "How can you not know this?"and my mind sent a reply "Because, I have not had the experiences that taught you about it"
Everything in life is about experiences and like Oscar Wilde said; you can't get it for nothing. Academic experiences teach people to read and write. Relational experiences teach people to work better with people. Being street smart, book smart or 'fashion smart' doesn't come cheap.
Some experiences cost money, some cost time, some cost peace of mind.
Learning to only purchase shoes that I can wear over and over again has cost me physiological pains and money, but I have learned.
I applied the lessons learned to the purchase of these shoes and if you read My Small World often you'll know it's been a valuable lesson.

Scalloped hem mint shirt

Peplum hem skirt
Arte shoes / Liz Claiborne shoes / unknown brand shirt 


  1. The funniest thing is, sometimes experience isn't always something only older people have. "Respect your elders, because they know better than you" is an old saying, which I don't think always applies. Many people have experienced many different things while still young, and have a certain knowledge about life.
    I love this gentle and feminine outfit, the colors and textures are so delicate!

  2. Love color.... And beautiful skirt
    would you like to follow each other on our blogs ...?
    let me know> http://mcaruso930.blogspot.it 
    I wait for you, kisses!


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