Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A Simple Blue Stripe Shirt

 Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance---- Coco Chanel

I will keep striving for elegance and it seems to come easier as I get older.
 I have also learned that in life there are certain matters one can only handle with about just this much elegance, but not in the matter of a simple stripe shirt, a pair of denims and leopard pumps.
A look like this is much more easier to handle elegantly than, say, an undeveloped personality.
For that I believe it's different strokes for different folks.

 T.M Lewin shirt / Merona shoes / Dereon jeans


  1. i love the choice of shor... cute

  2. Indeed! Sometimes I think simplicity is THE BEST. Other times I totally like to mix it up and make it fun. Love the stripes and leopard Inez!

  3. nice

  4. I always enjoy your thoughts behind an outfit, you're such an inspiring person! ^_^
    Adore these leopard heels!


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