Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Blue Stripe Shirt.

Photograph: a picture painted by the sun without instruction in art.------Ambrose Bierce
When someone paints a more positive picture of them self than you can agree with don't be too quick to demolish the picture because people would rarely paint such picture of themselves if they subconsciously do not wish to be that way.
So, it's the first step that they have given you, a sort of silent plea for you to help them achieve it.
When I viewed these photos for the first time I thought they were too bright; the stripes on the shirt are barely visible, but they seemed blog-worthy so I posted them. Hey, I've posted less blog-worthy photos, but thanks to Sarah's tip, which I greatly appreciate, I'm working towards getting better photo quality for the blog. There'll be some misses though.
This is a simple light blue on light blue look that looks chic every time I wear it.

T.M.Lewin shirt / Merona shoes / Stradivarius pants


  1. I love what you,spoke about, very kind and mindful words. Your outfit still looks good to me, even if the stripes aren't that noticeable.
    Yes, picture quality does make huge difference! Hope you get the camera you want soon.

    Kisses from Los Angeles,


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