A Gold Lace Skirt

“Out of the way! We are in the throes of an exceptional emergency! This is no occassion for sport- there is lace at stake!" (Ms. Pole)”
― Elizabeth Gaskell, Cranford
My tailors like to give me a heart attack. Probably because I'm a cheapskate. :) When I got this skirt back from one of them I did actually think in the lines of "There's Lace at stake!" after I pulled it on and the waist measurement was off.
You know, after seeing Hallie's lovely lace skirt and the ways she'd styled it I have been taken by it. So, I perused the local market for gorgeous lace fabrics and had the tailor make them into pencil skirts. This gold lace is just perfect with this maroon blouse I recently purchased.

 unknown brand blouse / Merona shoes / tailor-made skirt


  1. Oh dear! I'm glad that the skirt is ok! It's gorgeous and Inez this is MY FAVORITE look of yours. I love the polka dots and leopard!

  2. Love this look! The skirt is gorgeous and I love that you chose to wear the Leopard flat :)
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    Edwige |http://www.hypnozglam.com

  3. This is very lovely!! I love the polka dot blouse and the lace skirt. The color combination is also very pretty. This is something I would totally wear!

    Kreyola Jounerys

  4. lovely

  5. I'd be worried too, if I had to bring a gorgeous skirt like that to the tailor :D I love it, has a certain baroque feel! And you're right, the blouse is perfect for it *_* So beautiful!

  6. Such a fun piece! Love how you wore it. :)



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