Thursday, August 28, 2014


“Clear your stuff. Clear your mind.”
― Eric M. Riddle, Stuffology 101
I finally decluttered my life and wardrobe. It took a dose of negativity to get my stuff together; piles of clothes I'd refused to let go of I finally did. It's like a breath of fresh air. When the negatives in my life get too heavy for me cleaning helps me think constructively. I tend to immerse myself in scrubbing out really irky areas I'd been dreading; this time I channelled the energy into purging my closet. After I had done that I also scratched my list, you know that long list we ladies all have? Lol! I'm starting afresh to make a new list. Can we help it?
Do you have a list or am I crazy? How do you expel negative energy?

My Story skirt / Debut shoes / River Island top


  1. My husband always makes fun of me and my list obsessive personality. LOL Good for you! I love this look on you! So elegant!

  2. I declutter frequently my wardrobe :D Don't have a list though, I'm the least organized person in the world :D
    This skirt is spectacular! And that statement necklace is a perfect addition!


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