Wednesday, July 30, 2014

White and Pale Denim

I kiss like a skyscraper meets the sky, only with less scrapping and more vertigo...... Jarod Kintz

If someone kissed me like that I would give that someone a head butt. 
One of the things I like about getting older is the maturity of knowing exactly what I want or don't want, for most things, and more importantly, why I do want it or don't want it and exactly how I want it or not. 
Like how I wanted this skinny stretchy pants in pale blue and how I knew it would be perfect with this oversize white shirt and tan accessories.

My Small World

My Small World
Audrey Brooke flats / Stradivarius pants (alternative) / unknown brand shirt (alternative) / IGII clutch


  1. love the jeans, stunning color. xx

  2. Hahah, kiss like a skyscraper, that's a good one :D
    This outfit is very pretty, I like the easy carefree vibe and that vintage clutch is awesome!

  3. White on denim is always effortlessly chic. Looking good! xxx


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