Thursday, July 3, 2014

A Yellow Dress and A Pink Bag.

“Much as I like owning a Rolls-Royce, I could do without it. What I could not do without is a typewriter, a supply of yellow second sheets and the time to put them to good use.”
 John O'Hara
When I read this quote I thought to myself: 'Know your needs from your wants, have an order of priority. Know what is truly worth having, worth doing, worth achieving, worth spending resources on. 
Trendy versus classic? A curated wardrobe with a few quality pieces versus an overflowing cheap one? Overtime at the workplace for Cabernet Sauvignon or quality time with the family? revenge versus forgiveness? discipline versus regret?.....
So, much as I like owning a great quality pink designer bag, I could do without it. What I could not do without in my wardrobe is a pink bag and a yellow dress to pair it with. I found this lovely pink bag late last year and ever since have had it on easy-grab when my girly side calls to me.

Atmosphere dress / unknown brand bag / Sole Society shoes 


  1. This is a great quote about needs and wants. Love the yellow dress!

  2. Absolutely stunning! :)
    Your camera is amazing as well!

  3. This dress looks so pretty on you! Lovely color.


  4. the both colors are cute. please smilna biko


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