Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Blush Tones

Listen up: blush is not just for your cheeks. The soft, girly hue looks great in big or small doses, whether it's a floor-length gown, pleated blouse, or pair of heels ---Fab Sugar
All of last year I bored you with my conservative work style. Everything looked almost as this outfit below, but you unwaveringly showed your support by visiting still, thank you so much for that. Since, it's been a while I showed you my work style I thought to show you a really simple blush on blush look I wore this previous week before school vacated for Easter break
As I watched the students log their overstuffed boxes to their parents cars, I dreamed of waking up by 8a.m instead of the usual 4.30a.m. Sweet Sleep     

local shop shirt / custom-made skirt / Next Sole Survivor shoes

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  1. Aw I love your style--then and now! This is a very pretty work look!


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