Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Less is more with Sequins

If less is more, why do we always
want more? Maybe it only applies
to sequins, glitter, and words.----Anonymous
We've heard that less is more. We've heard that having less is liberating. We've agreed that having a curated wardrobe is the beginnings of sophistication and yet we cannot refrain from acquiring just one more dress, one more shoe or just that little sparkly skirt.
And sometimes fewer words convey a strong message, other times the lack of words denotes poor communication. This one more sequin skirt was needed at the moment to communicate my merry mood.

Michael Michael Kors shoes / Vanity skirt / HM top /  Car Mar blazer 


  1. You speak the truth. It's hard to find a middle ground between too much and not enough. But this skirt is just enough amazing! I love it with the stripes!

  2. I've always dreamed to be one of those people who need just one backpack with everything necessary in it, and if things get out of hand, to be able to run away without dragging tons of crap with me... Sadly, I'm not that kind of person :D
    I love this fancy skirt of yours, the colors are gorgeous!

  3. This look is so fabulous and I love the skirt. Thoughtful post.


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