Thursday, February 27, 2014

Grey Leopard

I think I grew a grey watching you procrastinate. ---Brandon Boyd

A leopard could have said that if they hunted in packs. Alas!, the wise mammal is a solitary animal.
I am only indecisive when I haven't thought out what I want from a circumstance or person.
Procrastination does not steal my time. For me it's simply a matter of why, when and how the deed is to be done.
Some struggle with procrastination so bad they'd procrastinate loving a person! You've never heard of that?! Well, you just did.
Now, I loved me this necklace on first sight (Watching Lemon again on Hart of Dixie, lol). And I wasted no time in snagging them sometime last year. I've been showing my love to it since then and it's been returning the fervor.

Kappahl jeans / F&F top / random mules / LibeZone jacket / River Island bag


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