Monday, February 17, 2014

Bright Lights on my Velvet pants

Some people must go to extremes to get the world in balance for themselves. Some can't bear bright lights, so wherever they go they search for the dark; they turn the lights down, anything to sustain some level of comfort.------Julian Schnabel

When the lights turn on you in the form of a compliment or a loving gesture, as was for me this past Valentine, do you quickly turn the lights down? Do you catch yourself trying to explain away the cuteness of that shirt, those pants or your terrific smile, just because the bright lights on you scare you? They shouldn't because you are a fabulous person and someone else has caught on  your fabulous-ity.
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Fergalicious by Fergie shoes / Susen pants / River Island top / Luella bag


  1. Lovely pants!!!!

  2. Yes yes! Triple yes! I always feel uncomfortable when people are giving me compliments and usually start giving stupid explanations or try changing the subject :D
    Love those high waist pants, looking good!!

  3. I am a fan of this look, so cool

  4. You're a very beautiful girl.
    Greetings from far away Polish!


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