Friday, January 17, 2014

Highlighter Shade

Being labeled feels like being coloured in with a highlighter pen. All actions feel like they draw attention, and none are viewed as sane.----Unknown quotes  
If a pack of mints say "extra strong" you're going to judge it by that. If you overhear someone labeled a certain way you're going measure that person against that label. If you are the one labeled you might find yourself struggle to measure up or battle to disprove it. Either way it's an inconvenience. So, don't do it. Don't label anyone. Keep your labels to your materials.

Michael Michael Kors shoes / Shop bought jeans and top / Nikki Jeans jacket


  1. I must say I love the quotes in every post- keep it up girl. Nice top and heels - I don't know how you girls do it but i really wish i could walk in heels. Btw, happy new year

  2. I wish that could be done easily. Love the blouse Inez!

  3. Nice shoes!


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