Saturday, December 21, 2013

Weekend Outfit.

“No longer are her invitations sought and fought for eagerly, Her parties once so popular are now attended meagerly, A blunder unforgivable made life no longer livable, For she served the sparkling burgundy in glasses made for port” ---Anonymous

Oh, She must have known only the Blair Waldorf's of the world. That said, a good bottle does deserve a fancy schmancy glass---respect the wine, people! 

Speaking of wine, I love that this bag is in that gorgeous shade I'll be taking loads of this festive period. Do you remember this top? I took the sleeves off and it's better than before. I love when a little effort yields great result.
Hope you have a lovely weekend.

Burgundy bag

Blanc Noir handbag
Coco Marin top  ( different, but gray )  / Blanc Noir bag / Random shop leggings ( need one? ) / Random flats


  1. I also love the deep, rich color of that bag! And the top/dress is very cute. The polka dots look elegant, which is a first!

  2. You look very stylish and lovely! Great top and necklace!

  3. That bag is everything. You look good!

  4. This top looks great without the sleeves! I wasn't much of a drinker before my pregnancy, but I know I will miss the champagne on New Years!

  5. Oh wow, that bag is amazing <3 And love the golden chain necklace, gorgeous ensemble! I respect the wine and every other possible alcohol beverage :D

  6. am so in love with your blog.. it reminds me so much of home... cute outfit you have on.. am following you.. hope you follow back

  7. Looking lovely as usual Inez! Happy holidays:-)

  8. Nice blog! thank you for stopping by my blog.


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