Wednesday, October 16, 2013


“A friend is very different from an acquaintance. The former is tried and true; the latter only a casual shadow in one's life.” ---Anonymous

A lot of people use the word "friend" loosely. Many times I've heard someone apply the word to someone they'd only just met and shared a smile or laugh with and it baffles me as it usually takes some conviction on the part of a person to make me regard such a one as a friend. The ease with which someone is quick to use the word makes me wonder if perhaps from childhood up until now I've completely lost my ability to trust, but then as I also watch, many times, these hastily formed friendships crumble I'm reminded that everything good and worth having takes a while, so as to be tried and tested.

Outfit: I have been meaning to wear these Converse with a dress. As I couldn't find the perfect dress for it I teamed it with my pink sack-like linen skirt which I adore.  

Converse sneakers / Symphatique skirt / random store tank / LΛ  frΛise denim shirt


  1. Very nice!

  2. That confuses me too. I don't get it and it is usually when something happens to someone, in my experience, which is just taking advantage of someone's misfortune. I love the sneakers with this hot pink skirt!

  3. Your post is so well written and you are so right about friendships. I feel good friendships take a while to build and we almost always get friendships and acquaintances mixed up!

  4. I also like wear converse with dress! You look amazing!

  5. Absolutely amazing, honey *__*

    Lots of love,


    ps. check out my first wedding post if you want *_*

  6. A very enlightening post - mind boggoling but oh so true. Great outfit combination too.........

  7. I like you and I like how you write. I'd love to be your friend.


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