Monday, October 28, 2013


"Burgundy makes you think of silly things, 
Bordeaux makes you talk about them, 
and Champagne makes you do them." -- Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin 

I think of silly things many times and then I scare myself silly imagining how I might unconsciously do one of those incredibly silly things I think of. One of such silly things I've thought of and acted out was swallowing a whole Cameroon/Ghana pepper. I'd wondered what swallowing that hot black pepper would be like. Nope, I wasn't by any chance trying to eliminate myself. I love myself too much. Dear lord it burned like hell. When I survived that night I began to value my life much more. Then I spent two weeks eating tons of bananas and wondering if I have developed ulcer because it hurt.

Please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks up silly stuff. lol.

Michel Klein skirt / Tamaris shoes / HM shirt

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  1. Oh dear!!! You are a brave soul! I am glad that you are doing ok!

  2. Great skirt!


  3. this skirt is so gorgeous! this color looks amazing on you.

    xo, Alicia
    River City Chic

  4. HAHha, nope, you're not the only one :D Once I was wondering what would happen if a try to jump over a few dozen stairs...I end up falling like a potato on the cement floor :D
    But that pepper must have hurt sooo bad, I know that in those situations you have to drink a lot of milk, because it's the only thing that actually helps :D
    I really like this combination, the stripe top is very pretty!

    1. Hehhehee. Seriously?! It's good to know there's someone who thinks and acts out silly stuff too. Hugs to you, Keit.

  5. lovely combination.
    i don't like passing by a bridge, am always thinking i can actually jump inside.

    1. I have a little phobia for height too. Thanks, Uche.


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