Saturday, August 31, 2013

Red Spots

If you're not the brightest or if you're not great at sports, or if you're not artistic, then you've got to find a way to make your mark; otherwise you're just this tiny little insignificant dot. I didn't want to be insignificant, so I made people laugh.---- Sharon Hogan.

There comes a time in somebody's life when it seems everybody is engrossed in different things and nobody acknowledges your existence. Trying times like this can push even the sanest person to do foolish things just so someone looks at them and not through them, listens to them and hears them and not just bob their head and mutter nonsensical. I've been there and I did foolish things too. Thankfully, those teenage years are gone. I have come to find that doing something that makes you feel special and finding people who feel special doing that same thing fills one with such a sense of satisfaction that whatever happens around you becomes----insignificant.

Outfit Wise: I'm fond of tucking in my shirt tail, so, recently I made a mental note to begin leaving it out. Six months or more since buying this pair of sparkly loafers I've gotten into the mood to wear it out. I'm re-excited. I've also converted a number of my ill-fitting dresses into skirts. I simply had a tailor measure, cut and install waistbands or elastics. This spotty skirt is one of such.

Zara Basic shirt / Fergalicious by Fergie shoes /


  1. Love the quotes, they are so true. Cute shoes and lipstick shade. xx

  2. Way to challenge yourself Inez! I love your cute skirt and sparkly shoes!


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