Tuesday, July 9, 2013

White and Green

I haven't got a single crisp white boardroom type of white shirt in my closet!
I realized this when I pulled out this skirt meaning to wear it with a white shirt. Had to make do with this shirt dress that I tucked into it. Lately, I've been noticing the very many lapses in my closet. The basics I should own that I don't, the pop of color, the power prints, the shoes! The embellishments, the maxis....And I'm thinking it's time to update my style. Or maybe let it evolve away from what I'm used to.

Marian Grey shoes / unknown brand skirt / Mi mi & Co Boutique shirt dress


  1. I get that way sometimes and then I end up with ten of the same thing sometimes and just overkill it. LOL I love this pretty lady like look Inez!

  2. I LOVE that ENITRE outfit. That skirt fits your frame flawlessly!



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