Tuesday, July 30, 2013

There's a Style Rule to wearing Peplum.

Contrary to Marian Keyes, I do wear flats quite often.But, I'm loving these heels. Block heels and Platforms...a match made in shoe-aven. So comfy.
I've been seeing peplum a lot and been observing how people style them. I've come to agree with Ms Hydelle in me that it could spell trouble for a figure if not well styled.
The simple style rule to note would be: (1) Longer peplum lengths should go with shorter hemlines.
 (2) Shorter peplum lengths work best on longer hemlines a la midis.
The first rule is much more strict as I find longer peplum lengths on longer hemlines shortens the legs.


  1. Great tips Inez and great use of color in the skirt! And, yes, your heels are fab!

  2. Grate look and grate pics!


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