Monday, June 10, 2013

Stripe skirt

I'm wearing this stripy missus as a skirt. I had originally worn it as a top here. That Mickey or is it Minnie head (I've not bothered to look closely) on the top irks me and I almost didn't buy the top, but my love for the sheer cross-hatched part overrode the niggling annoyance over the Mickey head. I ran an iron over his hands and pulled the little studs off and as I type I'm thinking of doing it to the rest of the head. I'm sorry Mickey I love you when you're running about on TV but not on my clothes and if you should run about on my clothes have the decency to be as tall and bold as I am. I'm actually a shy person, ahem.

Gleam skirt / Joyce Leslie shoes / Asian brand shirt


  1. I love this as a skirt and I really love the shear criss cross on your blouse!

  2. love this outfit, so pretty. x

  3. Hahaha, Mickey's gonna get it :D
    Love this outfit!

  4. Cute outfit.
    Love the shirt.
    Loll @ Mickey's dilemma.


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