Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A White Jacket

How exactly does a fart in a spacesuit sound? Hmmm. Can't imagine that.
But that thought came to mind when somebody told a hugely mighty barefaced lie while eyeballing me this past weekend. Left me wondering exactly how much respect one is supposed to give to elders.
Outfit Wise: I was lolling around on the bed in this blue top and animal print leggings consuming whatever I perceived from the kitchen (We have two Aunts and my Gran visiting) when suddenly, mom remembered she had forgotten to do something and as I've resigned myself to being an extension of her (as is typical of Nigerian children) off I went to do the thing she couldn't do. I threw on my new white unlined jacket, retro black suede heels, a necklace and my mirrored shades (for that oomph effect) and I went, unhappily I might add.

Haute jacket / Classiques shoes / unknown brand sunglasses, necklace and bag / Atmosphere top

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