Friday, January 4, 2013

Bronze Goddess.

When I think of Bronze I think of sun kissed cheeks and dewy lips. When I think of a bronze goddess I think of deeply-tanned, super-toned and oiled body. I think of prominent facial features and bare torso.
So, obviously I'm no Bronze Goddess but that doesn't mean I can't twirl in my bronze sequin skirt.

 It's officially Harmattan. Imagine that the sky is a gigantic air conditioner and the sun is still right up there doing what it does best. That's how the weather is right now. A sunny, dry cold. Just the opposite of Winter.

unknown brand skirt / Your Sixth Sense top / Clarks shoes / unknown brand leggings / Bracelets: Romanelle gold linked hearts and unknown brand beads.

 Happy New Year! Welcome to 2013! And, Thank You for your continued support.

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