Friday, October 26, 2012

Double Denim

This week I re-learned the usefulness of weather forecasts. I leave for work really early, six-ish every work day and because it's dark I can't really tell the look of things from the sky. Long story short, I was drenched through and through and had to dry my clothes using the hand dryer in the rest room. Nonetheless, when you ask me about the temps or even how many miles it is to a place don't expect me to tell you in degrees or km, I don't know what that is. It's either hot, chilly, raining or it's not that far, it's far. lol.

 I've never gone the double d route until now and I'm loving the look. My natural dusty brown hair color is  out again. I've been procrastinating dyeing it again, but I'm really itching to do so soon as it doesn't blend with my weaves anymore.

New Look denim shirt / Zco Premium pants / Bellini shoes / Primark bracelets

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