Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Red Polka Dots

There are days when I don't like to bother with a bag, purse, clutch or what-ever-you-may-call-it. Days that I just want to spend with real friends and laugh and chat till my throat is sore. Days like this I pick up a book straighten my 'hard currency' *hearty laugh* between the pages and an ID if I remember and away I go.

This top is starting to show signs of having outgrown its usefulness, but I love it and I'm on the look out for a befitting replacement. I wear it over anything and I look chic.
These flats are my sisters rejected. They were a bit too big for her and I inherited them.I've worn this skirt here before

Blurry detail shots.

unknown brand top: Local Shop / Oribar Sat Skirt / random flats / Book: The Rules of Life by Richard Templar / Smiley bracelet: unknown brand / glass bead bracelet: gifted 

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