Friday, August 10, 2012

Garden Variety

This look is everywhere. A dress worn with a jacket or vest. Whether it's a leather jacket, suit jacket, denim jacket or in this case vest is a simple way to look chic and fab on the go. This dress is another one of my clothes getting old and begging me to let it go, but I won't until I've wrung every last kobo out of it.

Do you remember this denim vest here, when it was a jacket? with sleeves? Yes, I got rid of the sleeves because I wanted a denim vest and the sleeves have been begging me to be ripped off anyway. I had this ambitious tenacity to cling to dirt. *rolls eyes*

Detail shot of necklace
unknown brand dress / mh-3 altered denim vest / locally made necklace / gifted shoes / no brand bag

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