Saturday, July 28, 2012

Scarf Print

This chalky green pants is the best of the three that I told you about here. I loved the fit of the yellow more than the other two and it was the only one that didn't get to visit the tailor. The blue returned to me in perfect condition, but this one....

...take a look at the hem and if ye be so kind do tell me how that tailor could have forgotten to do the hem too? When I noticed this I mentally did a Naomi Campbell on him. This means I have to go the 30-45 minutes distance to the tailor's again!
Ok, moving on. I paired this soft green with a scarf print shirt that I thrifted recently and also told you about here. It had off-the-shoulder sleeves which I got rid and probably shouldn't have now that I look at it.
Anne Michelle shoes / no brand bag / thrifted scarf print shirt / House of Denim pants

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