Monday, July 30, 2012

Button-Through Coming Through

Boy, was I tired. I took this photo at a very wrong hour for blog worthy snaps. It was past 5 when I remembered I had planned to take an outfit shot.
 You can see the tiredness on my face and in the wrinkles in my skirt. I have had this polka dot button-through skirt for nearly as long as I have had this one . I love the slightly over size sleeves of this shirt, gave a sort of retro vibe to the look I've heard and read people say to put a belt through your belt loops, but what the heck it would have spoiled this outfit.

 It rained today. Oh dear, I've got to rest. Till Wednesday, dear.
Nine West shoes / Caral Markis skirt / Cobra shirt / local shop necklace / 50 cent watch

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